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Kunstprenteverket – The Art Printworks

Where Tradition Meets Innovation in Printmaking!

Established in 2013, Kunstprenteverket has transformed from a private printmaking studio into a unique space that seamlessly blends the charm of a printing museum with the vibrancy of a heritage printmaking studio. At Kunstprenteverket, we are passionate about preserving and celebrating traditional printmaking techniques while fostering a dynamic environment for artistic exploration.

Lithography press inking rollers
Close up photo of albion press

Our Story

Passion for printing

Preserving traditions

Step into our heritage printmaking studio, where tradition meets innovation. Experience hands-on demonstrations of age-old printing methods and witness the meticulous process of creating exquisite prints. Our skilled artisans are passionate about passing on their knowledge and keeping the spirit of printmaking alive.

The Museum

The heart of Kunstprenteverket is our museum, where history unfolds through the captivating journey of printing. Our working museum is a treasure trove that transports you through time, showcasing an impressive collection of printing presses and equipment that have played a crucial role in the evolution of the printing industry.

Open Studio Access

Unleash your creativity in our open studio environment. Whether you’re a seasoned printmaker or a curious beginner, our studio is equipped with a variety of printing presses and tools for you to experiment with. Enjoy the freedom to express yourself and bring your artistic visions to life.

Edition Printing

Welcome to Kunstprenteverket’s Edition Printing Service, where the timeless artistry of traditional printmaking techniques converges with contemporary creativity. Nestled at the intersection of craftsmanship and innovation, Kunstprenteverket is dedicated to preserving the rich heritage of printmaking while providing a platform for artists to breathe new life into their visions.

Lithography, with its distinct fusion of art and chemistry, takes center stage in our array of techniques. Artists can explore the subtleties of drawing on stone or metal plates, creating images that are both nuanced and vibrant. At Kunstprenteverket, we celebrate the versatility of lithography alongside other traditional methods, recognizing the unique qualities each technique brings to the artistic conversation.

Workshops and Events

Engage with the art of printing firsthand through our interactive workshops. Whether you’re a seasoned printmaker or a curious beginner, our events provide a unique opportunity to learn, create, and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Artist Residencies

Embark on a creative journey with Kunstprenteverket’s Artist Residency program, where artists from around the world converge to explore, experiment, and innovate within the realm of printmaking.

Our Artist Residency program is designed to provide a dynamic and inspiring environment for artists seeking to delve into the world of printmaking. Surrounded by the historical ambiance of our museum and equipped with state-of-the-art printmaking facilities, resident artists have the opportunity to push the boundaries of their craft.

Press Restoration and Repair

At Kunstprenteverket, we take pride in our commitment to preserving the legacy of printing. Our Press Repair and Restoration Services stand as a testament to our dedication to ensuring that historic printing presses not only endure but thrive, offering a glimpse into the craftsmanship of a bygone era.

Considering press repair or restoration? Contact us for a consultation and assessment. We will evaluate the condition of your press, discuss restoration goals, and provide a detailed plan of action. Whether it’s a minor repair or a full-scale restoration, Kunstprenteverket is your partner in preserving the heritage of printing presses.