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The collection

Hand presses

18?? LeJeune

1858 B Joyce Albion

1868 J&RM Wood Albion

18?? Thomas Long Columbian

Lithography presses

19?? Chn Mansfeld litho press

19?? JGA Eickhoff litho press

19?? Grafo(?) litho press

19?? Grafo(?) litho press

1912 JG Mailänder Schnellpresse

19?? Steinmesse&Stollberg DUFA V proofing press

Platen presses

1893 Golding Pearl No3

1??? FM Weiler National

1??? Hogenforst Diamant A

1??? Liberty American

1??? Unknown Platen

19?? Heidelberg

19?? Heidelberg

19?? Heidelberg

19?? Heidelberg

Embossing and foiling Presses

1852 Imperial arming press

1908 Krause embossing press

19?? Dietz&Listing hot foil press

19?? Chn Mansfeld hot foil press

19?? Krause hot foil press

19?? Press&Co hot foil press

1??? McKay arming press

Intaglio Presses

19?? Domeij

1932 Krause

19?? Unknown

Standing & Book Presses

19?? Alexanderwerk book press

19?? Poly book press

19?? Unknown standing press

19?? Unknown standing press

1909 Krause standing press

1939 Krause standing press

19?? Unknown book press

19?? Chn Mansfeld standing press

19?? Krause book press

19?? Dietz&Listing standing press

Cylinder Presses

1912 J G Mailänder Schnellpresse

Proofing Presses

19?? Korrex Hannover

19?? Korrex Berlin I Kraft

1967 Korrex Berlin II

19?? JGA Eickhoff BS1G

19?? FAG 835

19?? Grafix GX1N

19?? Grafix GX3

Offset presses

19?? Steinmesse&Stollberg DUFA V proofing press

Typesetting equipment

Intertype C3

Intertype C3

Postprocessing equipment

Paper cutters

1886 Krause

1896 Krause “Germania”

1899 Krause

19?? Krause “Germania”

19?? Chn Mansfeld

19?? Fomm

19?? Krause

1??? Mignon

1??? Unknown small paper cutter

1??? Chn Mansfeld

1??? Krause

Corner cutters

1??? JGA Eickhoff

1??? Unknown motorized

1??? Unknown manual

Staplers and sewing machines

1??? Brehmer

1??? Brehmer

1??? Martini

19?? Grapha B1

19?? Agrafix

19?? Vickers Imperial


Manufacturer JA Cope
Year 1852
Serial number -
Size 12" * 9"
Restored No

The Imperial arming press is based on the Imperial printing press invented by John Cope and Joseph Sherwin in 1827.  The Imperial press was a competitor to the Albion press, and was designed by two former employees of R. W. Cope, the inventor of the Albion press.  Like the Albion, the press was based on a toggle mechanism, but it was not a simple copy of the Albion.  The toggle was located in the head of the staple, not in the piston, and leaf springs were used to lift the platen.

In 1932 Cope, Sherwin & Co designed the Imperial arming press.  The first version of the arming press used the same mechanism as the printing press, mounted in a C-shaped staple for better access to the work area.  By the last half of the 1840s, the C-shaped staple design was abandoned, and the arming presses were built using the same staple as the printing presses.

Our press was made in 1852, around the time the partnership between Sherwin and Cope ended.